Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let Go, Trust God

I guess most of us feel like complaining about our problems from time to time. We tell anyone who will listen, and then we expect sympathy.

Something I have noticed lately, is such a dramatic change in the way people react to each other's problems. To be honest, most people have their plate so full, and feel so overwhelmed, they have little sympathy left for others, that last more than the few minutes to say "oh I am sorry to hear that". They might give a polite response, oh I will be praying for you.. and then walk away and say whew.. glad that is over.. and then go back into their own mentality of how in the world am I going to deal with my own situation. I have seen alot of this happening in church lately. It is important to remember, we are a body of Christ, we are to strengthen one another, pray for one another. And if we are "really" lifting our needs to God in prayer, and "really" trusting him our minds and hearts should be burden free, as we leave it in our hands and go about our business, being a witness and testimony for Him.

How do I know? I had to learn to do this.. I still do daily. Just Let Go, and trust God. You are either taking Him at his word.. or you are allowing doubt and fear to rule your spirit! Why have churches and people changed so very much? Because they are weary, divided, lonely, over-whelmed and too busy.
The strongest people I know are ones who not only have gone through some terrible times, they have learned from them, become wiser, more prayerful, more resiliant, stronger. Those are people we should be around, so we learn from them.. so we may be stronger people.
Problems shouldn't defeat us.. they should make us stronger.

Psalm 1:1-3
My friends, this is the meat.. the things we must
know. Stay in the word, meditate upon it.. let its
strength infuse your spirit. For the word of God is alive, powerful, it goes down to the bones and marrow (the deepest part of our spirit) strengthening boldly that which is tired and drained. God is on the throne, he is not weak, his gifts not ceased, his power not drained, his hope and mercies new each morning.
If you are not dwelling in His provision, chances are ... you have become weak and weary.

God says, come home my child.. I have all you need. I am the great I Am. I Am all you will ever need if you "truly" rely on me, "truly" trust in Me, "truly" cling to Me. Believe me, and don't let go of it. I am God, and no man can come against me. I shall prevail, my word shall not come back void, it shall go forth and accomplish my will and nothing or no man can stop it.

Hallelujah.. Receive that!

Not only can you release those burdens, and be free, you can find joy in sorrow, strength in pain, and wisdom in trials. It is called growing in Christ and in the wisdom of life. It should be making you stronger my friends.


From the Heart said...

What a beautiful post. Your so right, people don't seem to care about others any more. I guess I'm a little different, I tend to care to the point that I take on too many of others problems when I should let God carry the burden and I just continually lift them in prayer. Not long ago in one day I got several phone calls and things from people here on the blogs that by the end of the day I felt so heavy laden. Suddenly I realized I only needed to pray for them and give their burden to Jesus and that's what I did. I don't know if I'm saying this right but hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
Thanks for sharing,

PS I was unable to find another template that I liked and the idea was to get my feeds changed. I feel like I may just have to start a whole new blog. Also in the Links to Post - it's not working anymore. I'm going to give it to God and let Him lead me.

Nicole said...


I think there needs to be such a balance in the way that we handle our problems. I do agree that sometimes people can be cold and think only of themselves and not really care. Although, since I am a recovering "take on others problems" the Lord has showed me that sometimes I am enabling people to stay stuck in their problems if I listen for too long. We need to be able to listen, give it to God, and then move on.

Also, if we are the one with the problem then we need to be able to not take offense if someone does not listen to our heartache as long as we would like them to. There is such a balance and I can't stand complaining.

I had an instance lately where I had a friend call everyday and sometime up to three to four times daily. Everytime she called she would complain about her problems and dwell on them. I no longer could handle this and I don't believe I was being a "good" friend to her by allowing her to do this. I had to put my foot down and say no more. This relationship became very unhealthy for me and for her. She probably didn't realize that it became unhealthy for her but I know that it did because she was relying on me to be her strength more than Jesus. As long as I was there to listen to her problems she didn't need to go to Jesus or rely on anyone else. This became too much of a burder for me. After, many of my loved ones telling me that she is bringing me down physically, emotionally and mentally and that's not what God wants for me I had to cut the strings. Jesus is teaching me how to be a good friend and what that actually means. For too long I have been a complainers sounding board.

My prayer is...Dear Jesus please help me each day as I learn how to be your servant and your friend to others in need. Thank you Jesus. Amen!

Nicole said...

Hi Sharon. I just wanted to put a PS here. I hope that my comments made sense and came across okay. By no means did I mean to seem harsh and like I was dogging your post. I'm sure though that you can tell that this is an area that the Lord is teaching me about currently as I am very passionate about it. Thanks for your life in Christ!


Shonda said...

"Just Let Go, and trust God. You are either taking Him at his word.. or you are allowing doubt and fear to rule your spirit!"

I'm learning this each day also.

Great post and what I needed to read.

Blessings in Christ--

God Chaser said...

I have a surprise for you at my blog.


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sharon,
I have come to learn that everyday is a new oppurtunity to share God's Love and compassion. One of the most important lessons I have discovered is that we cannot be all things to all people, There are times we need to slip away and get refilled by the holy spirit, because doing it in our own strength can end with us getting frustrated and not being caring and compassionate when others come to us with their burdens. At times all they want is a listening ear, A prayer, or just to cry with them. it doesn't always have to be about words, even a hug will do.
Great post my sister.

Hugz Lorie

Sharon said...
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