Thursday, October 16, 2008

GateWay of Glory

Bible, names aren't just names - they have an underlying meaning or significance. Names often reveal something important about the nature or character of the one named and can even be a prophetic declaration of destiny. The name "Jesus," for example, means "the LORD saves." This is why the angel who foretold his birth said, "You shall call his name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins" (Matt. 1:21).

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name." Psalm 100:4

"Go through, go through the gates; clear the way for the people; remove the stones, lift up a standard over the peoples. Isaiah 62:10

Lift up your heads, O gates, And be lifted up, O ancient doors, That the King of Glory may come in! Who is the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, The Lord mighty in battle. Psalms 24:7

The name, Gate Way, combines two words Jesus later used in describing Himself. In John 10:9, he said, "I am the Gate." The Greek word translated gate means "an entrance or passage into."
In this passage, Jesus uses the image of sheep going through a Gate to proclaim that He is the entrance to "green pastures," the place of safety.

In John 14:6, He uses the other part of the name: "I am the way," he proclaimed.
The Greek translation Way is hodos, which means "a traveled road," or "the avenue of a traveler's journey." So Jesus is not only the "Gate" (the entrance), he also is the road on which we travel after entering the gate to reach our full destiny in God.
The name Gateway speaks of the person and work of Christ. He is the Gate and the Way. It also reminds us of our work in the Great Commission to point people towards the Gate of Salvation and enter into a lifetime of walking in the Way of discipleship.

The Bible says
He’s the King of the Jews
He’s the King of Israel
He’s the King of Righteousness
He’s the King of the Ages
He’s the King of Heaven
He’s the King of Glory
He’s the King of Kings
and He is the Lord of Lords
He is the GateWay of Glory!!!!!!!!!

He is MY Prince of Peace............And Whom do You Call Me????


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Sharon said...

Sad,Sad, I wonder if this person even read my blog!!! I can only hope they did. Why come to our sites and try selling stuff, I need to pray over this! You do not want to visit this site trust me!!

Huggggggsieeeeeeee's to you ALL
Sharon :)

debrah said...

Just dropping by to say Hi..I read your left me speechless(not an easy thing to do) so perhaps it is something I need to meditate on for a bit...Thanks for the warning not to visit the other link...and yes I will keep you, your family, your blog and those who visit in prayer.
Be Blessed,
In His Love

Amy said...

That is so interesting to me, Sharon. I have always heard the term Gate Way for schools, businesses, etc., but I had never broke it down to understand the meaning behind it.

I love name meanings, and when I was naming my children, that played a major factor in choosing their names.

My name means "Beloved." And I am so thankful, because of how much names mean to our Lord, that gives me such peace.:)

Have a great day, Sharon!
God Bless,

Michele Williams said...

Interesting... I never broke it down like that before. I really appreciate the way you broke it down. Thank you for sharing.

Edie said...

Hi Sharon!

I too love the way you broke this down. I love looking into the Names of the Lord and have always wondered about my own name, if it held any signifigance. The name of my blog is the meaning of my name.

This is a great thought to ponder. Thanks.

I also wanted to let you know that the three finalists in the Blog Makeover contest have been announced at Rich Gifts & Graphics.

I know you didn't participate after all but thought you might be interested. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

God Chaser said...

Sharon please stop by my place. I have an award for you there.