Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas

First allow me to wish everyone of you a very,very Merry Christmas!
May the Lord bless you all and fill your hearts overflowing with Love and Joy.
I pray that he keeps all of you and your families safe this Holiday Season.

I am so THANKFUL for all of you! I have been so blessed to have you all in my life, and the shares you share have been so inspirational.

I am SORRY that I have not been visiting. I am reading alot of your posts.
But just having a really hard time writing. It will get better I know!
Be Blessed and know that you are a Blessing, to ME!

Merry Christmas to You ALL
Love, Sharon


Jennifer said...

Merry CHRISTmas to you too, Sharon and your family!

I pray that the writing issue improves soon.

Blessings dear!

From the Heart said...

You always find the most beautiful pictures and I hope you have a Merry Christmas also.

Come by my blog I have a surprise for you.

Nicole said...

Hi friend! I LOVE your header picture. It just pops!!! Very pretty! Merry Christmas to you too!


Tonja said...

Love the new header! I've missed hearing from you. Hope all is well with you, and whatever is hindering your bloggy visits will improve soon! If I can help, feel free to yell...or e-mail!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I, too, was struck by the header on your blog! Just beautiful! I'm a Floridian, too, and just found your blog through Lea. So glad to have met you today.


Sheryl said...

Merry Christmas, Sharon!! Hope all is well with you and your family.


Amy said...

Merry Christmas, Sharon!:)

God Bless,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Merry Christmas to you, sweet one.

Writer's block will soon pass. It's okay. Sometimes, He just wants us to quietly listen to Him.

Love your red blog and new header. Beaut-e-full.
Love you,

Edie said...

Merry Christmas Sharon. I so understand about sometimes having a hard time writing. I'm like that a lot. I love your new Header.

Rich Christmas Blessings to you!

debrah said...

Hi Sharon;

Merry Christmas! I too am reading the blogs and comments of others and I want to write something...but...
I then feel that the Lord is saying wait...you (me) don't have to say anything right now...just wait...my fingers want to type...my heart wants to reach out...but it's time to wait...
God Bless you my Friend.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Merry Christmas to you too!
Don't worry about the writing issue.
I think we all go through writers block. And sometimes there are so many thoughts running through my head that I am not quite sure how to get them on "paper".
SO take your time and we will wait for a word. :)

Truth4thejourney said...

Merry Christmas to you, Sharon! Everyone needs a break from time to time. Just relax and enjoy the Savior this holiday season. After all, "there's always tomorrow, for derams to come true" LOL We'll still be here when you are ready to write again!

On Purpose said...

Sharon...thank you so much for your prayers, I appreciate them and so does my family!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Sharon, I've been meaning to write you... and wanted to come here tonight to tell you I understand.* I also want you to know you're not alone. I recently posted how alone I've felt ... and shared my grief, and you would not believe the emails I've received. It's an epedemic and many people really are feeling it too. I want you to know I'm so sorry about your brother. WITH ALL MY HEART... Im SORRY. (giving you a hug*) If you want to talk... please write me. I'll pray for you, be a shoulder... and friend. I truly believe the LORD has placed us just so... to be there for eachother.

Shanita Waters said...

Hi Sharon - I just had a chance to read your post. I just wanted to stop by to say hello and tell you to stay encouraged. Sometimes God won't allow us to speak while he's still yet speaking to us. Know that you are in my prayers.

God Chaser said...

Sharon thanks for stopping by-please come back for Thankful thursdays I have an award for you.

Julie said...

Hey Sharon,
Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet words! They bless me SO much!

Hope you are doing well.


sailorcross said...

Hi Sharon!!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me!!

I hope you CHRISTmas is blessed beyond belief!


Dana said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!
Thanks for checking in on me last month. It has been a long, long time since I had time to post. (don't really have it now). I read your post about the man in the wheelchair. How blessed you are. Congratulations on your husband's radion message. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for caring about me. Things aren't real happy in my life right now but I'm believing they won't always be like this. I love you and hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Thanks again for checking on me.

In Chirst,

fivedesigns said...

Hi Sharon

My name is Donna I don't know if you've ever visited my blogs in the past. I lost contact with a lot of people because of emotional problems. I am trying to get back into it.

I hope you can visit my blog. The one I am writing from you can visit easily. My other one is called donnasfineart.blogspot.com

I am trying to show my art and hopefully sell it. That one is just for showing art. I have a side business, but this one is for the Lord. I have written so much in the past about Jesus and right now I am going through such difficult financial problems and I just need support. If you can pop on and read my posts once and a while I would love it. I used to have comments all the time but I didn't blog for about 3 months.

Yet God is good and I know He is here for me especially during this season. I hope to hear from you

God Bless,

Chatty Kelly said...

Merry Christmas to you!

Rilda Peel said...

Sharon, just wanted to drop by cause I had you on my mind. Sending you a [[[[[ HUG ]]]]] full of His love and peace so you are covered daily. Blessings always my friend, rilda *U*

Debra said...

Sharon, Don't apologise for not writing. I have had to step back too, but God will give you His perfect timing. You just Rest in Him.
Much love,

Shanita Waters said...

Hi Sharon,

I was just thinking of you and wanted to stop by and say hello. Ihave been praying for you and can't wait to hear from you again soon.

Be blessed!

Sharon Brumfield said...

RYC--we really had a great time. The young girl Julia was working with is from a family that I have been trying to share the love of God with.
So it was great to have her in our "home". I am glad that her parents feel comfortable for her to spend time with us.
And it is so good to see a childs heart reaching out to give.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Stopping by to wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs! :) Shauna

LisaShaw said...


I am new to your blog. I sent you an email to share something with you.

I wanted to also say Merry Christmas and blessed New Year to you, your family and friends.

God bless!

Greg C said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog today. I know everyone is busy this time of year and I really appreciate it.


nancygrayce said...

Merry Christmas! I love the Santa kneeling at the manger. I have that as a music box. It symbolizes for me that everything bows to Jesus!

Becoming Me said...

It's my first time here. Merry Christmas to you.

Technonana said...

Merry Christmas to you sweet sister!! I pray you will have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rilda Peel said...

You are on my mind today sister and I just wanted you to know the enemies are falling at your feet.
Love and blessings always and HOLY Christmas to thee! rilda *U*

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best this Christmas and a blessed New Year!

God bless you and your family! ♥

On Purpose said...

Merry Christmas Sharon!

From the Heart said...

Merry Christmas, Sharon and Brad.
Thanks for the beautiful emails.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Merry Christmas my dear precious friend! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Bobbie said...

Merry Christmas to you friend!

Dennie said...

Merry Christma, Sharon... May His favor surround you in this coming year and the years to come... :-)

Deanna said...

I hope your Christmas was wonderful! I am so glad that we met this year over our blogs. You have such a gift of encouragement!

Michele Williams said...

You are truly missed my dear friend. How are you doing? And your mother? I pray you will be back to writing again. Blessings to you....