Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Admire, Honor, Worship, PRAISE

I went to a baby shower over the weekend and a teenage beautiful christian girl asked me, What is Praise? I thought I knew the answer, and I came up with the usual, honor, giving thanks, glorify, Praising my father. So when I got home I had to take a moment and research to see what else I could of added. Praise means to admire, commend, extol, honor, worship, and give glory to a superior being, our Creator, God.
To commend; applaud – Isaiah 40:9
Giving thanks – Psalm 100

Then I thought what is the purpose of Praise?
We were pre-wired that way by the Creator, God. He created and made these things for His good pleasure. In return we praise Him.

List of created being in praise – Psalm 148
Everything on earth praise – Psalm 150
The dead cannot praise the Lord, but you can - Isaiah 38:18, Psalms 115:17

Why Praise the Lord?
We are created and commanded to worship God. It helps with our relationship with Him. As we do so, we receive power to overcome life’s situations.
Are commanded – Psalm 150:1
All are created to bring forth praise to God – Psalms 115:17, Jeremiah 13:11, Isaiah 43:21, 1 Peter 2:9

We are to praise the Lord all the time. Praise should be coming out of your mouth every day, and in many expressions – singing, dancing, and lifting of hands. It is due to God daily at all times – 24 hours!
Sacrifice of praise, continually - Hebrews 13:15
Contentment of your soul – Psalm 32:7
In the midst of a battle – 2 Chronicles 20, I Thessalonians 5:18, Jonah 2:7-10
Not dependent upon feelings – Psalm 34:1, Psalm 9:1, Psalm 86:12

God is Worthy to Be Praised! It’s A Sacrifice.

“By him ~Jesus~ therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name.” – Hebrews 13:15

If you truly want to hear from God in your life, you must praise and worship Him.

If you want contentment in your life, you must praise and worship Him.

If you want to overcome your fears, you must praise and worship Him.

It’s only in our prayer, praise, and worship that we find directions for our path.

I hope this little information about praise has stirred your heart and moves you to praise anytime, anywhere, and for no good reason to everyone who come across your path.

Glory to God!


Nicole said...

Praise his name! I probably needed to read this, this morning. I am having a really difficult time praising Him. I feel as though I am stuck in a rut and need a boost to get out. I find myself asking the Lord to send those that will pray for Evan and I. We sure could use some prayers. God has done some work in the last 24 hours in our situation (there are a few), but I know that this life is not easy and never will be. I'm just plain tired. I need his grace and healing (in all areas) still. It amazes me how much work I/we have to do even though I feel like so much has been done. There are new things all the time, and they sure are painful. It's difficult to face and see my/our sin. I am facing a big issue right now that stems from my childhood. Rejection is the word, and I still feel rejected in relationships to this day. I need his healing to come in and help me. This one runs so deep, and I know that once He sets me free I will be unstopable!:) This is a big stronghold that I don't even know where to start. Thank you for your friendship and thank you for your prayers!


From the Heart said...

A great post on praise. There's a song I like, "We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord." God desires our praise.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Sometimes it is strange to think that God would desire to hear my praise...but He does And I know that when I get all wrapped up in this world I often forget to praise Him....sad.
This was a great reminder for me...thanks girl.

Rilda Peel said...

I have found that even to obey Him gives Him praise. When I am creating He smiles as Praise is on my lips in the process. I enjoyed your post dear friend. We have Joy in giving to our Lord as He gives back when we praise. Love You, rilda

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Amen! I have found that the more I praise Him, the more I want to praise Him. Plus my mood is always much better when my mind is focused on the Creator and not my own problems. Thank you for the great reminder today!

And thank you for singing Happy Birthday to me. I had a great day!

RoderRock said...

In this Psalm, David feels the hand of God as a guide through the trials and triumphs of his career. This sum of personal experiences qualified him to humanity, at all times, adopt him as the singer of praises to God.

Psalm 18
Corner of the master, the servant of God, David, who spoke to the eternal words of this song, the day that the Lord delivered him out of the hands of all his enemies and the hand of Saul. He said: I love you, O Eternal, my strength! The Lord is my rock and my fortress, my deliverer, God is my rock and in Him I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I will sing praises to the Eternal and my enemies I am saved. Waves of death surrounded me and torrents dehomens evil confront me. The sorrows of hell compassed me, arrested me snares of death. In my distress I cried unto the Eternal and I called upon my God, His Temple He strove my voice to his ears came my cry.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

There is so much to be said about the value and worth in praising the King who is so worthy of more praise than we could ever give. We are to praise through all things and at all times but is there anything more sweet and precious than to praise in the storm, praise in the difficult and painful times?
Praise is worthy of much pondering.

LisaShaw said...

Dear Sister, this is POWERFULLY written! Without worship, praise and thanksgiving unto the LORD I'd be empty.

He is faithful and SOOOO deserving of our praise!!!

Love you dear sister and I pray all is well with you and your family.

nancygrayce said...

Thank you for this! Not dependent up feelings! I have to constantly remind myself of this!!

Edie said...

Not dependent on feelings. That's when it is the sacrifice of praise. Great study Sharon!

Much love!!

RoderRock said...

Hello Sharon,

Actually the Portuguese is a difficult language, so there on my page a translator (left), so you can read translations of the lyrics in English.

The Lord protect you


Twincerely,Olga said...

HI Sharon! That is so true! No matter waht the situation we need to Praise God always!!!Thanks for stopping by!

Steve said...

This is good. While your talking about praise and worship, I just about had a spell. I'd better clear this word up. A spell is a word I use when I'm praising God, you know, (when you get the I can't help its) Thanks you so much, and may God bless

Talk..to..Grams said...

Very good post! Hugs Grams

Kelly's Ideas said...

Beautiful post - You have stirred my heart and mind.
Thank you.
Love to you.

Faith Imagined said...

Your words have definitely moved me!

Diane said...

Great post. Sometimes it is a sacrifice, but so good. Very uplifting blog and encouragement for others. :O)

Twincerely,Olga said...

great post!! I just did on my blog! Just anted to see what you've been up to

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


karen hopkins said...

What an awesome blog post.. I am so glad to have found it this morning. As I sat and read about praise, it reminded me of this poem the Lord gave me not very long ago. I titled it " My Prayer of Praise" because in my prayer time, whether I am hurting or in joy, I know my Father hears me, and relishes in the time I have come to him, to pray or praise or both.. The many storm in my life, before and after Jesus , have yielded greater times of praising I am finding out..And in those times, Jesus has been so Huge to me, bringing me even greater joy in praising..Just wanted to share this with you - I love your blog, and will be back to read LOTS more!!

Come Lord Jesus, to this place
where I wait here, all alone
as I think of Your love, shed for me
Oh Lord, songs of praise I bring to the Throne.

Such quiet times of gentle peace
wtih my praise to You I sing
with my heart of worship released to You
all my praise , to my Redeemer and the King.

Oh! Yes to you , I will always sing
my praise shall ever more be found
at the Throne of Grace, in which you sit
oh Lord, let my praises be heaven bound..

Hallelujah to the King of Kings
in mighty chorus we sing on high
Your death!, your life!, your amazing love
all my praise to my God until eternity passes by..