Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God & The Radio

Well my husband did it, he was on the radio, sending out a special message to everyone and anyone that was listening. Saturday at 4:00pm he got the phone call asking him to come and preach on the radio. I was taking a nap and he came and woke me up with his news, so of course I felt his excitement and had to get up.
After I had some ice tea and woke up, YEP that song came to mind, "On the Radio whoooaa, On the Radio" some of you may know that song. He laughed at me!
Of course neither of us could sleep Saturday night and we were up early Sunday morning, Brad worked on his message all night Saturday, talking with the Lord, till he got it all together. It was a hour and 1/2 drive we had to be there by 9:00am.
Brad's friend wanted to go, he was excited and was at our house at 7am.

This was all arranged by God!

It was AWESOME, what a wonderful experience! People were touched by his message, It was on "Unconditional Love" He had callers calling in loving his message and saying they could feel the anointing through the Radio.
It touched one man so much (he was a pastor) that when it was over he went into his room and cried for 30 minutes they said.
The other guy you see here his name is Sammy he translated everything to Spanish, even he was feeling the Anointing because he stopped several times, and one time he was actually crying. What a wonderful man of God Sammy is.

After we left there we went had some breakfast and off we went to another church where the anointing was so strong and the praying went till 4:30pm.... Whewwww Praise God.
It was a God filled, God Filling, Awesome Day! And we give God allllll the Glory and Praise. AMEN!! This is just the beginning of many Blessed opportunities coming our way.


Greg C said...

That is awesome news. By chance does the station have streaming? I would love to listen in. Praise God for making this happen.

Sharon said...

Yes it was and is wdcf 1380 am

Sharon Brumfield said...

Wow girl! How uplifting and amazing.
What a set up by God to touch the hearts of His people with some tender love.
And then the service....I have not been to many like this...but how great it is when the Spirit falls.
Time does truly seem to stop.

From the Heart said...

Isn't God good. I am so happy that because of your faithfulness to God He is rewarding you by opening up places for both of you to minister. Praise God.
Be blessed my friend,

Devoted said...

Praise God He is on the move in His people! ~Theresa

God Chaser said...

How wonderful when we really see the power of God at work-thanks for sharing this testimony. Be blessed

Dorothy Champagne said...

Did a search for that radio station - didn't come up with anything though. Would have really loved to hear his sermon! Congratulations!

Edie said...

How Wonderful! I got goosebumps just reading about it. I was going to ask the same thing as Greg. I will have to go check it out. Hey, you should put a link in your sidebar to the program. I'm sure lots of people would love to listen in. :D

Amy said...

What an awesome opportunity for your husband!:)
How exciting! I know you were so proud of him. God is so good.
And now I will be singing Donna Summer all day...on the radio...LOL!:)

God Bless,

Shanita Waters said...

Wonderful! I sure wish I could have been listening. I'm happy to hear of the doors that God is opening for you and your husband. i am beleiving God for many souls to be saved, delivered, healed and set free through the gospel He has annointed your husband to preach.


debrah said...

That is such a wonderful ministry! Every once in a while I hear a lot of people say that they are staying away from church for one reason or another. This statement is made by people who love God but have been hurt by the church body or are having difficulty finding a church that does not look like the world. They want the truth and love of God. I thank God for those who have a media ministry to reach people who may not be hearing the word in other places. Blessings to you and your husband for being obedient to His direction for your lives.
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

Debra said...

Sharon, I'm excited about this! People reaching out, and the Lord using you and your husband! Wonderful!!
Love, Debra

Tonja said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I'm sure all who heard it were blessed. Isn't it great when God gives us opportunities to serve Him
in new and exciting ways? God bless you both!

Joyfulsister said...

Praise the Lord sistah!!
What a wonderful opportunity for Rev Brad, I just know in my heart he touched many hearts that day. I know you must be so proud of him. Radio ministry is so awesome. I pray more opend doors of this type of ministry for him. Besides he looks like a natural sitting there at the radio station.

Luv *U* both.. Lorie

Jennifer said...

That is awesome and I love how God moves in His mighty ways. He opens doors for us, then ask us to trust Him and walk through them. Wow!!!

What a blessing!!!

Dorothy Champagne said...

by the way, I've tagged you!

Chatty Kelly said...

Fabulous! I know you must be proud of your hubby. God bless.

God's Girl said...

Hi! I am a Pastor's wife too! May the Lord bless you and your husband in all that you do!

Nice to 'meet' you : )


God's Girl said...

Oh... I am so sorry to hear of the sorrow you and your mom are going through. Was your brother a believer? I know it is so difficult to celebrate the holidays when you are grieving.

The year my mom died (on Christmas Day), we, of course, didn't feel like doing anything like gifts.

One thing I did that was really special was - I gave each person in the family a verse. I wrapped each one in a beautiful box. I prayed before picking the verses. I still stand amazed at how the Lord used those verses. My mom's verse was the one we used at her funeral (I didn't realize she would be gone by then). It was a special way to celebrate Jesus and to encourage the grieving soul.

I pray that God comforts your mom and your family in a way that only He can!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I don't have a clue how I missed this posting last week Sharon. What a wonderful experience you had. Praise the Lord for speaking through your hubby and touching SO many people.
Love ya,

Nicole said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for the reminder to live life to the fullest! By the way, I would love to heard your husbands sermon. Where can I go to listen?

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you!


From the Heart said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, we are having family for Thanksgiving.
My daughter from Virginia Beach, my daughter and her family, and one of my husband's niece and her husband and one of her children. My small apartment will be full.
The niece had originally invited us to her house but she has the shingles so everyone is coming here. There's no way she could do everything with the pain she's having. I'm sure she would appreciate your prayers. At least she doesn't have the blisters which makes it contagious. She has some rash but that is ok so she can come be with us.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

sailorcross said...

How wonderful and exciting this is!!

What an opportunity--and a message on unconditional love? Spectacular!! I wish I could have heard it.

I've tagged you at "The Power of Your Love"


Shanita Waters said...

Hi Sharon... I tried to reach your blog through my dashboard and it told me that it didn't exist. Weird? Anyway, I was just dropping by to say hello.

Jennifer said...

Hey've been tagged over at my place...come play along.