Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Heard The Lord

I would love to tell you the story of how I really felt the Lord in my life. When You know, that you know, that you know!! Before Brad and I got married, I took on a second job I had bills to the ceiling from 2 major surgery's, and I really felt as though I was drowning in them. I have worked very hard to build and establish myself, and I didn't want to ruin my credit. So I found this job and it started out kinda part time and ended up full time, the money was fantastic, better than my day job, but my day job had better everything else. So finally I had some extra money after paying on my bills and I had not bought anything for myself in a while. I asked Brad and his son if they wanted to run to Walmart, but they were interested in a movie they were watching, so I said I would be back. I bought the necessities I needed. I was a good girl!! haha
I was heading home and approached a traffic light, have you ever pulled up to a light that would normally be 2 to 3 minutes and it ended up being at least 5-feeling like 10 minutes? Well I was at that light.

There came up to the light was a man, the sun beaming in my face, he was in a wheelchair, alittle old man and he had a little tiny dog in his lap sitting so proudly in his owners lap. Now he wheeled his way across the street, I kept praying that the light would not change so that he could get across. "Yes" I said to myself.
he made it! As I continued to watch him I noticed he had what it looked like a fishing pole attached to his chair, one of those ones you can pull apart. well he was rolling through all these rocks, struggling at times, using the object to pick up cans, everytime he got a can the dog would bark and jump around on his lap. ******Please note that light is still RED****** Why?????? HMMMM And then the light turned green ---- the guy behind me honked. As I drove off the Lord started speaking to me, go back talk to him, You have money to give him, go back, he needs you, he needs your help, give him money, I placed him in front of you go back,go back,go back. I kept driving, and his voice got louder and louder, and all of a sudden my vehicle went off the road this huge dust cloud was all around my vehicle, I said ok Lord, I'll go back. I went back and there he was, I pulled up close to him and said hi, he mumbled hi, I said your doggie is cute. He thanked me! I said I have something for you, I reached in my purse and every dollar I had there must of been 50 to 75 dollars I handed to the man, he looked up at me and told me NO, he doesn't need money, I said yes please you are picking up cans I know you need this, he said no I have money, I said "God says you need this". He stopped what he was doing and Thanked me, held his hand out and excepted it. When he reached out I looked at his hands, they were so full of arthritis he was sooooo dirty, clothes looked like they were older than him, the doggie looked like he had not eaten in along time too, and it needed a serious bath. But it gave me kisses and it was sweet. I asked him if he lived around in the area, and he said down the street.
He again looked up at me and said "God said give me the money" I said Yes sir. He said Thank you again, I told him God Bless. As I drove away, God said Well Done.
Trust me I cried all the way home, I walked in and Brad and Nick looked at me wanting to know what was wrong, They didn't know if something happened to me or what. So I told them and as I was telling them I could not stop crying, Brad was so excited this happened to me. He told me the Lord is working on your Heart. I cried for a couple of weeks. Do you know that I make it appoint to go by that corner as often as I can.
I pray for this man everyday!
I can tell you today that I KNOW,THAT I KNOW,THAT I KNOW when I hear from my Lord!
I was so humbled that day, I learned patience that day, I learned obedience, I learned to trust in my Lord, I learned so much. My Lord is REAL! After that I have been on Fire for the Lord, wanting to spread the Gospel, Share is word!


Amy said...

What a beautiful story, Sharon. And what a blessing to have been part of that special work with God in that man's life. And in your life as well.:)

God Bless,

Shanita Waters said...

Hi Sis! I missed you too. I'm glad we have found one another once again and can continue to share these wonderful posts to the glory of God. He is SOOOO good.


Fitts said...

This is a great post, I'm sure all who read will be blessed by this beautiful story.


Greg C said...

What a great story. People think my wife has a cold heart but she just doesn't like slackers. However let a child, elderly person or animal get in trouble and she will almost kill herself to help out. I will have to blog about that sometime. Great work and keep listening.

Nicole said...

That's such an awesome story! Praise God for your obedience and by that you were so blessed! I have missed you too. Thanks for stopping by today! It meant a lot to me!


Debra said...

Oh Sharon,
You've made me get all teary...I hope you can see that man again.
Love, Debra

sailorcross said...

What a beautiful story!! And you are right--when you know it's God talking to you, you just know!!

I wanted to thank you for stopping by and visiting me today and leaving such encouraging comments.

This "Love Dare" with my children has been a sometimes painful self-examination period for me, but it is well worth it.

They (and me, too) have been through a lot in there lives--and they definitely need to know that they are unconditionally loved by me in order to feel the unconditional love of God.

Thanks for being an encourager!!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of God's voice and your obedience.

From the Heart said...

What a beautiful story. To be used by God is truly a blessing. That is my desire and lately I have had difficulty posting comments, I would be through and all of a sudden it would disappear, but I didn't give up I went back and redid my comments. When that happens you know who doesn't want you to say what your saying, but you have to follow what God puts on your heart.
You are truly blessed,

Chatty Kelly said...

I love that story. It is awesome. Thank you for sharing it.

Edie said...

You do know that I'm just in tears over this. I love watching as God works in the life of others. I can't help but wonder (and now will continue to wonder) what your act of obedience said to that man. God clearly spoke to his heart. I pray that I would have many opportunities to be obedient like this and that I would obey.

Bless you Sharon.

Nicole said...

Dear Sharon,

With your story on my heart and mind, today I went to my doctor's appointment (to then be later diagnosed with strep throat). Anyways, that's another story. As I sat there waiting to be called back a nice old gentleman was putting on his coat to leave. I said hi, and asked how he was doing. He proceeded to tell me about his hip surgery last year and how his wife's physical health is not doing very well. What a blessed feeling and joy that I had today after talking with that gentleman. I am so glad God gave me that moment! Thanks again for sharing this story. I belive in a way it helped me with mine. Does that make sense? Don't you just love the elderly??? I sure do. They bring me so much joy! I think we can all learn from them if we choose to!

I do ask for prayer for this strep. The strain I have is the one that could potentially turn into pneumonia if not kept in check...and with the wedding this weekend and the events leading up to it I would really like to be healthy. Thanks Sharon!

Love ya,

Dorothy Champagne said...

Don't you wish God would talk like that to you all the time!? I've had those moments, but I wish there were more of them! Thanks for the encouragement!

Shanita Waters said...

Hi Sis! Thanks for stopping by today. I wsn't sure if you would get the comment on my page so I came on over to tell you to feel free to copy and paste as you like. To God be the Glory!!!

This was my frist time doing a 3 part post. These posts are actually excerpts from a message I had to minister earlier this week. That's why it was so long.


Michele Williams said...

What a beautiful story! What a blessing....listening to the Lord is so important! thank you for sharing...

stop by my blog... I have awards for you....

Julie said...

What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. Also thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet words. They are always an encouragement to me...especially today.


Technonana said...

I know that you have been blessed many times over. God has a great way of blessing us, as we bless others.
Thanks for sharing this post and your heart!!

Devoted said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will definitely be looking in on yours again. Great post! I love it when His directions are so plain and the joy it brings when we simply trust and obey. God bless you always! ~Theresa :-D

Sharon Brumfield said...

This was a awesome story. I am so glad to see that God is at work in your life in this way. There have been times when God asked me to do things that I thought were crazy.
And like you I had to see the cloud before I turned around.
I think it is so great that you still pray for this guy. Who knows but that your action opened his heart to a God that he thought had forgotten about him.
Awesome post girl!

Jennifer said...

Oh, my! What a beautiful story of God working in your life. A true testimony of the rewards of being obedient. I am so touched by this story.

May God continue to richly bless you in all that you do!!!

God Chaser said...

A wonderful wonderful story no testimony that our God is real and speaks to us. Be blessed. also thanks for the TT verse I like it. O You Rock

Joyfulsister said...

Oh the voice of God that speaks in a way that you cannot ignore it *smile*, I love hearing your beautiful stories of God's love and caring compassion flowing through you my sweet sistah!! I know the Lord is pleased.

Luv ya Lorie

debrah said...

Hi Sharon:
What a great post! A few years ago we did a study...I think it was called love walked among us...One of the things that this study pointed out is that it showed us in scripture that Jesus Looked, Jesus saw...I realized how many times I don't see..I don't see the cashier at the store,the bus driver or the cab many people in our lives and we do not really look or see...I am still working on amazing when the Lord directs us to see and respond with love and compassion. How wonderful that you let the Lord use your heart and eyes.
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

Jennifer said...

I wanted to let you know that I have an award waiting for you at my "place". God bless you!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Wow SHARON... i have GODBUMPS... from reading that... and I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW TOO!

Rilda Peel said...

Hello And Blessings Sharon, It is a awesome God we serve and the key is serve. Being humble to do His will truly is an honor. As we come closer to His heart we gain. I appreciate you sharing your inspiring experience for when we give we gain I suppose even more in ways unknown to us.than the receiver. I am sure the man saw Jesus and when He knew you had a connection to Father God it was a humbling experience and not one of pride which reveled to Him the reward for his patience cause this man was stripped of pride on that day as he saw truth in what you said and Jesus in what you did. It is a freeing and bless it experience to hear and do the Father's bidding. It brings us to the place just right. Be continually blessed, rilda *U*

Shanita Waters said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some encouragement. God is so good. I jsut can't tell it all.

On Purpose said...

Sharon...I so enjoyed this story! Is God not truly amazing...we CAN'T out give Him.

Deanna said...

I love listening to God's voice and it is amazing the feeling you feel when you obey. It is also equally awful the feeling when you don't obey.

Thank you for sharing your experience and reminding just how simple it is to obey.

Beth in NC said...

That is so beautiful Sharon. You never know when you are entertaining an angel unaware! You were the one blessed. That is precious!